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Support and assistance in the implementation of development projects


Supporting and handling the sales process

Since 2004. Leach & Lang Property Consultants has been successfully selling apartments and houses for many developers involved in the residential market throughout Poland.

We provide developers with a broad package of services, leveraging our experience in the real estate market so that investors, without wasting their time and money, can focus on their business: building profitable and successful residential developments.

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to offering services and solutions in all aspects of the business and at every stage of investment planning and sales organization.


Investment planning advice

We have many years of experience in professional consulting services for investors. We provide professional assistance in the development of basic assumptions for the proposed investment.

The scope of our consulting includes the preparation of a comprehensive market analysis, taking into account the verification of competition as well as the current condition of the market in the selected location, and checking trends that define demand.

In addition, we offer the preparation of recommendations as to the choice of both design solutions (plans for the building, its surroundings, common areas and additional space, and apartments/service premises – including the preparation of appropriate functional layouts and the optimal structure of the area of the offered premises, etc.), as well as material solutions (regarding the standard of finishing of the building and apartments/service premises).


Support in preparing the investment for sale

When preparing a project for presentation on the market, it is crucial to skillfully organize and coordinate the related activities. Based on our many years of experience, we at Leach & Lang have developed the most optimal strategies to efficiently direct the sales organization process.

At the same time, we provide advice on the development of contracts and other documentation in accordance with current legal requirements, as well as the development of a marketing action plan to achieve an optimal result. As part of our cooperation at the stage of sales organization, we prepare for developers a plan for the projected rate of sales of the offer, as well as a price list of the offered apartments and/or units.


Investment sales management

During the sales process, we provide clients with comprehensive services on the operational level, as well as in the field of project management and coordination of sales and marketing activities.

Since we understand that the professional preparation of consultants is one of the key factors that guarantee satisfactory sales results, in the area of operational activities we offer the services of an experienced team of consultants dedicated exclusively to the investment, who, with the appropriate know-how, will provide customer service along with consulting at the highest level.

As part of our cooperation with the developer, we also provide coordination of activities – sales, as well as promotional and marketing activities – the scale and type of which we select based on the data collected from the statistics we conduct. We monitor our activities and their results on an ongoing basis and document them in regular reports.

At the same time we carry out promotional and marketing activities to the extent individually agreed with the developer (promoting the investment, among other things, on the website as well as on the websites of our offices, in social media, and in the most popular advertising services).


Comprehensive approach to the customer

We also coordinate contacts between the client and the developer/ architect/ bank representative/ lawyer/ notary; organize the process of concluding agreements, including verification of the correctness of the provisions of the agreements and the correctness and completeness of the annexes in the context of their compliance with current legal requirements; provide the client with the documentation required by the lending bank, coordinate arrangements for changes in premises between the parties to the transaction.

Within the framework of individual arrangements with the developer, we can also offer to carry out, on behalf of the investor, the technical acceptance of premises and their release into possession to buyers, based on the relevant documentation.

Our proactive approach will contribute to achieving the highest possible selling price, designing products that can be successfully sold; as well as planning sales strategies in the market, tracking customer behavior, raising funds, while reducing sales, marketing and administration costs.

We believe that it is important to maintain strong and reliable relationships with our customers based on performance, where there is no room for haphazard actions, in order to achieve the best possible financial results.

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