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Interior finishing

Appropriate interior finishing allows you to effectively increase the attractiveness and value of the property. At Leach & Lang, we meet your expectations and offer comprehensive services in this area. When buying a property (through Leach & Lang or on your own), you can order professional services from us: finishing, interior design, as well as home staging. Designing, purchasing, transport, debris removal, etc. – we will do all these tasks for you. You do not have to do anything, and we will hand your unique apartment or house to you ready-to-use.

We provide a dedicated team of specialists for your services, including architects, project managers and a proven team of contractors. Their role is to ensure that the standard of works will always be at the highest level, and the character of the interior – according to your expectations.

When ordering an interior design project, you can choose a package option or a design prepared individually and personalized as you expect. You decide which proposal will be the best for you.


Interior design

Do you dream of a unique interior with a timeless character, or maybe you expect something non-standard? Relax, at Leach & Lang we are not afraid of challenges. You will find here a separate team dedicated to interior design services. We start each cooperation with an interview during which our architects will learn about your taste and expectations. Then, we prepare photorealistic visualizations of individual rooms, where you will be able to see the planned final effect. We polish the design until we obtain a fully satisfying effect.


Kitchen installation

A well-designed kitchen is one of the most important pillars of a functionally designed apartment. Often it is here that the center of our life in an apartment takes place. That is why at Leach & Lang we offer you full possibilities to create the best kitchen furniture. You can choose installation according to an individual project or using a ready-made modular kitchen design.

In the first option, we provide complete adaptation of the composition to your needs, using an original patents and materials. In the second one, we use proven solutions, and the undoubted advantages of this choice are: price, shorter implementation time and the ability to quickly and easily introduce changes to the design (e.g. replacement of fronts). We start each cooperation with an analysis of the space arrangement possibilities. It is the starting point for creating a practical and functional design. We also pay a lot of attention to ergonomics, the quality of the materials and the individual preferences of our customers. Our selected projects can be viewed here


Furniture designing

We know that well-designed furniture can perfectly bring out all the advantages of a house or apartment, as well as correct some of their shortcomings. The furniture undoubtedly reflects our taste and style, and gives the space a unique atmosphere and character. At Leach & Lang you can order personalized furniture design custom made. We design, among others wardrobes, TV cabinets, shelves, beds, bedside tables and upholstered seats. Individually designed sets will allow you to create a harmonious, coherent and attractive interior in your unique style. Our projects are characterized by functionality and high quality materials. We work only with proven carpenters who are able to provide us with appropriate quality and workmanship standards. You can look at examples of projects from our portfolio here: link


What else can you find in our design offer?

  • architectural and construction inventories of buildings, flats and service premises;
  • conceptual interior designs;
  • interior designs (including the selection of colors and finishing materials, the arrangement of functional zones, the selection of equipment and lighting, solutions to design details).

Visual identification and branding

Are you a developer or running another activity related to the real estate market? At Leach & Lang, we can additionally support you with branding and visual identification services for real estate. It is an ideal solution for all investors and developers who care about the image of their own brand and their investments. Market practice shows that investments with a clear and interesting identification gain in character and thus their value. If you are interested, we will be happy to provide you with the details of the offer. The portfolio of projects prepared by us can be found here:


Home staging

The first impression often determines the choice of a given apartment. It is difficult to explain, because why should emotions influence such a rational decision? However, market practice and marketing know-how indicate that this is simply the case. Therefore, if you plan to sell real estate, we encourage you to use our professional home staging services. Leach & Lang will support you in this matter comprehensively. We will prepare appropriate decorations, entourage, provide the necessary equipment and prepare stunning photo and / or video materials.

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