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Home News The Charity September in Leach & Lang

The Charity September in Leach & Lang

Thursday | 07 September, 2017

As every year, the beginning of September at Leach & Lang means that all our energy is focused on making other’s live better. As always locked and loaded, we decided that also this year we will do our best.

On 30th of August, Tom Leach, Leach & Lang director, started its adventure at Le Cure de France. Le Cure is a charity cycling rally that was held in the Pyrenees in 2017. Competitors, collecting charity funds for The Royal Masden Cancer Charity, a leading cancer research group, were able to cover 4 special stages- one stage for each day. The total distance covered by cyclists is over 382 km and almost 12,000 meters of vertical. It was tremendous effort, but the cyclists had great hearts and zeal for the fight. Thanks to the support of the sponsors, ( Leach & Lang was one of them ), as well as private donors, they were managed to gather this year 269.000 Pounds.


As soon as Tom Leach returned from his Pyrenees adventure to Cracow, he appeared, on 3rd of September, with 14 other competitors, at the start of Cracow Business Run.  This year – like every year – runners ran for the supporters of Jasiek  Mela’s  foundation – Pomagam Bardziej, who  struggle with problems of limb amputation. Since 4 years, we have been running to give the others the chance to walk and  since 4 years we have been trying to collect as much money as possible for beneficiaries of Poland Business Run.

This year 15 daredevils stood at the start of the relay race, beating 3.9 km of the stage in a new route, slightly harder than the route last year. We managed to beat our own records as well as – for the first time to dominate completely the podium in the category of Charity. Our teams took the first 3 places, collecting: Leach & drunk – 2820 PLN, Leach & FUN! –  2,900 PLN and Leach & RUN! – 5229 zł. Pomagam Bardziej  collected more than 34 thousand PLN and the entire Krakow Business Run collected 415 thousand PLN! In the whole country, Poland Business Run, which also ran in Warsaw, Poznan, Gdansk, Lodz, Lublin, Wroclaw and Katowice, collected over PLN 1,600,000!

We are very happy that we can be part of this help that will be given to us!

We hope that we will have the strength to help year by year!






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