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Home News Leach & Lang closes the penultimate stage of sale of investment apartments in the center of Karpacz

Leach & Lang closes the penultimate stage of sale of investment apartments in the center of Karpacz

Thursday | 02 September, 2021

We are pleased to announce that we have recently sign a preliminary contract for the last available unit in the Angel Apartments Ski Resort investment located in Karpacz, which we are offering for sell.

The stage of signing preliminary sales agreements for the complex consisting of 52 investment apartments, located in the vicinity of the ski slope, has been completed about 6 months before the planned date of commissioning the investment, which proves the sales rate higher than the investor’s expectations and high level of demand among investors for this kind of facilities.

Angel Ski Resort

Karpacz is a commune located at the foot of Śnieżka mountain in the valleys of the Łomnica and its tributaries. It is undoubtedly the capital of the Karkonosze mountains and one of the most dynamically developing mountain communes in Poland. Despite the dynamic development, Karpacz town still retains atmosphere of an alluring mountain resort. According to the data, in August 2021 the Karkonosze reached a record attendance: about 340,000 tourists went on the trails, up to 10,000 people a day on Śnieżka, which undoubtedly proves the huge potential of this region for investors from all over Poland.

Angel Ski Resort

Angel Ski Resort

We have noticed that several factors have recently influenced the great interest of investors in apartments for the investment in mountain resorts:

   decision of the MPC (Monetary Policy Council) in Poland to lower interest rates and the consequences resulting from this decision: increasing the level of inflation and redirection of funds from bank deposits to the real estate market;

   the risks associated with traveling around the world in the times of COVID-19 and spread of remote work resulted in a change in the mentality of Polish investors and created the desire of having a second home or apartment in mountain or seaside resorts;

    diversification of the investment portfolio of investors interested in investing their funds in various segments of the real estate market, perceived as an attractive and stable area for investing capital.

Because of to the current economic situation in Poland, and due to the resources that have not been used on a larger scale so far, as well as the opportunities for the development of the investment real estate segment in tourist regions in our country, it can be expected with high probability that this area of a real estate market will develop dynamically in Poland in the nearest future, influencing the redefinition of the Polish real estate market. Therefore, we are looking forward to the next upcoming challenges related to the investment apartment sector.

Angel Ski Resort

Angel Ski Resort

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