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Leach & Lang annual report – summary of 2016

Friday | 13 January, 2017

As the New Year sets in,  Leach & Lang Property Consultants would like to thank to all our customers, our long-standing clients and those who have just started the cooperation with our company. We are grateful for all completed transactions, score of new properties in our management, numerous inquiries as well as the shared exploration of the mysteries of the real estate market. We would like to sum up the year that passed, very satisfying in many respects for us – and we hope that also for our customers.

Last year was really busy in the real estate market area, especially in Krakow. In comparison to 2015, our office has received 40% more inquiries in the whole area of ​​our business.  A similar increase in the number of inquiries might be observed comparing 2014 and 2015, what gives us even more reasons to be pleased. Within two years, there was a double boost in queries, what contributed to the increase in our activity in the real estate market.

Due to our new website, easy searching of our database and appropriate positioning in the Internet browsers, there was an increase in requests of 120% – comparing to 2015, what means an increase in the total number of queries from 11 to 18% per annum. Modernizing our site, we put the emphasis on its utility and accessibility for our customers and we really hope that this increase will be even higher.

Analyzing our activities,  it has been noted that the beginning of 2016 was surprisingly similar to the beginning of 2015.  The high and steady demand on the real estate market might have been observed from that time, what allowed us to work actively on acquiring new properties and providing satisfactory solutions for buyers and tenants. Additionally, during the holiday season, the demand was not decreased, as usual, on the contrary – we recorded more inquiries than in previous months. What is even more surprising, there was a record in July 2016. Instead of falling down, the activity of our customers was 82% higher than the previous year. It was a busy holiday and gave us us a lot of satisfaction from our work! The upward trend continued until November, which showed an increase of 50% in the number of queries and visits.


Ladies and Gentlemen, thank you very much for your support and involvement during the previous year and all the former years. We hope that we will have an opportunity to continue our mutual cooperation. We develop very dynamically, gaining new opportunities as well as your trust and we would like to be your best advisor on real estate market in Poland! We would like to invite you to our office to make this year successful as well!

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