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Inaugural golf tournament organized by Leach & Lang

Tuesday | 18 September, 2018

This past Saturday, 15th September, saw the inaugural Leach & Lang Golf Competition take place at Seychelles Golf Club, Anse Aux Pins on Mahe, Seychelles.

Forty or more contestants were greeted with a welcome pack of Leach & Lang golf-towel, a pack of Titleist Velocity balls and a handful of tees before battling it out in a Bogey Plus format over 18 holes for a bevy of prizes.

The ‘Caddies & Kids’ putting competition was won by Matteo Lavigne – with Guy Ideias and Jan Michalski picking up second and third prizes. The prizes for Nearest the Pin and Longest Drive were both won by inspirational juniors – Nahim Agricole and Adrian Andrade respectively collecting from the winner’s bench. The overall winner of the Junior section was Nahim after a strong back-nine whilst club professional, Yves Emond, picked up the Takamaka aged rum prize for Best Pro.

Best Lady was won by Peggy Pragassen after a steady front-nine picking up a bottle of Moet & Chandon for her troubles. The Men’s competition was hard-fought – Darryl Antony picked up 3rd spot, Catney Laporte came in 2nd but the worthy winner was Edwin Palmer (pictured receiving Glenfiddich) with a score of +3.

Lunch ‘Chez Godefroy’ and a couple of cold Seybrew proved the perfect end to a great day.

We look forward to repeating in 2019 with even more visitors from the world of Polish real estate.


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