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01 April, 2019

A short-term apartment – how to have a perfect stay?

City break or a short beach holiday.

Home Blog A short-term apartment – how to have a perfect stay?

City break or a short beach holiday. Weekend with friends or a family meeting. Increasingly, instead of hotels or guesthouses, we choose short rentals apartments. They give us more freedom, give us space for our whims – toast for breakfast, favorite tea at bedtime, a quick salad for an evening meal. They are often spacious enough to make us feel more comfortable and simply more homely. Choosing a flat, we often take price and availability into consideration. What else is worth to consider?

Location, location and once again location.

Having a short break, it is not worth to waste time on commuting from distant periphery to the very center. If we want to have an apartment close to the train station, in the city center, we need to be prepared that such location might be louder and a busy street may run in front of the window.

What we should ask the owner or host of the flat to avoid an unpleasant surprise?

Remember that in the center there are also numerous restaurants that can be burdensome due to the intense smell of dishes, there are pubs and bars, often noisy due to  their regulars.

– what is behind the window of the apartment?

– is nightlife going in the vicinity?

– is the building where we will be staying an old tenement house or a new apartment building?

– which floor is the flat located?

       Sometimes it is impossible to predict everything: during a romantic getaway for the weekend, a bachelor or a renovation party can take place in the apartment next door. You should also pay attention to the low price compared to the competition in a given location, especially in the high season – it should make us look closer at the offer. Additionally, not always the ratings or comments on a given portal reflect the current situation.

Equipment of the apartment

It should be considered – especially before a trip with your family or friends, what do we really expect from the place we rent? Too thin curtains, a cramped bathroom, an uncomfortable place to sleep, a kitchen with 4 plates, when we plan a sumptuous dinner, too few chairs or even a lack of the table, can spoil the mood of one of the participants and, as a result, our whole group. The apartment may look great in the pictures, but its equipment may not fit to our needs.

The companies  managing a dozen or several dozen apartments have an advantage here, they may react much quicker to unforeseen breakdowns, but they also have facilities that can use in the absence of equipment. If the apartment does not meet our standards, the company can also offer us a switch of apartment.

       It should be remembered, however, that companies often provide photographs of only a few apartments  from their offer. If we want to be sure that a given place will meet our expectations,  ask them to send several photos of a given flat, not a given category.

What may help you to avoid disappointments

      Do not choose apartments that have illegible, careless photos. If the owner did not put effort into the aesthetic preparation of his offer, do not expect that he surprises you positively with the apartment’s equipment or finishing (such situations are rare).

      It is recommended to avoid flats where a problem arises at the very beginning – the owner informs that you will have to wait for the keys or the lock may get stuck, the heating does not work in one of the rooms or you have to call till 4 pm in order for someone to give you access to the premises. Competition on the short-term rental market, let you to find a more interesting offer easily.

       Note the speed and quality of the answers you receive. Professionals ensure good contact and clarify any ambiguities quickly. They can also help you organize local tours, advise a restaurant, book tickets or transfer from the airport.

Let’s find out where and how the transfer of the flat will take place – especially when you arrive in the evening. Print hints or save them on your phone. After a tiring journey, you need a solid rest, not a nervous search for entry to the parking lot or long-term waiting for the owner of the apartment. Positive attitude and the minimum of knowledge about the place will help us to fully enjoy our trip.

We invite you to discuss and ask questions.

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