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07 April, 2020

7 reasons why you should hire an interior designer

Finishing the interior or carrying out renovation on your own is possible.

Home Blog 7 reasons why you should hire an interior designer

Finishing the interior or carrying out renovation on your own is possible, but in many ways it can be troublesome. Fortunately, there are specialists who will help us not only get out of this difficult period unscathed, but also with the huge benefit of a well-arranged and functional apartment as well as saved money, time and nerves. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of working with an interior designer.

First of all: a ‘tailor-made’ project

Each cooperation between interior designer and the client begins with a thorough interview in which the designer not only asks about the client’s taste, favorite styles or colors, but also about lifestyle, family and even plans for the future. Another arrangement is being prepared for a single who is not planning to start a family, another for a young couple planning their offspring, and another for a family with children. Before starting designing, the architect learns the interests and preferences of the future resident. If he/she is the life and soul of the party that likes to arrange meetings with friends at home, it is worth thinking about a large comfortable sofa, additional armchairs, poufs and a large coffee table. If we design for a person whose passion is cooking or baking, it is worth providing for an oven installed higher, which during intensive use will be the most comfortable solution. A very important element in such an apartment would also be a large table at which guests and household members could enjoy shared meals. For a busy person, who often eats outside the house the perfect solution istead of a table is a counter with a chair being part of the kitchen.

In the student flat there hould be a large well-lit desk. For a literature lover – a stylish library and a comfortable armchair with good lighting for reading, and a music lover will enjoy the well-arranged place for a collection of vinyl records. These are just a few examples of how interior can vary depending on who it is designed for. By deciding to cooperate with an interior designer, we are sure that the final result will be a flat ideally suited to our needs. 

Secondly: functionality

Thanks to the preparation of the arrangement by an experienced designer, we can be sure that our interior will be properly lit, the kitchen appliances will obtain a functional layout, the designer will also professionally help to arrange sockets and light switches at the appropriate height, and all everyday objects will gain a carefully thought out place. The apartment will be functional, and at the same time will suit the aesthetic values ​​of the client. 

Third: modernity
The interior designer closely follows constantly changing trends in the field of interior design. He reads industry articles, participates in the industry’s most important conferences, fairs and exhibitions. Moreover, a professional designer has experience in constant cooperation with contractors. All this means that the interior designer has extensive knowledge and the necessary competences to create a design perfectly suited to the expectations and lifestyle of future tenants. 

Fourth: time saving
A good knowledge of the interior design market, that a professional designer has, is another important advantage that speaks for commissioning an interior design to a professional. If the customer wants to participate in the selection of furniture or accessories, he can be sure that the designer will not lead him to stores that do not meet his expectations, but will choose those that suit his taste and budget. However, you can completely entrust the architect with the selection of furniture and accessories, without leaving the house yourself. The same relates to construction supervision. As part of his services, the interior designer personally supervises contractors, ensuring that the project is carried out carefully and as planned. 

 Fifth: saving money

Of course, cooperation with an interior designer costs money. However, it is worth considering that designers have a lot of knowledge about market prices, know where to buy a product cheaper without losing quality. Moreover, designers often due to their familiarity with sellers can ask for discounts for their customers, thanks to which the customer does not overpay by ordering too many tiles or panels. Preparation of arrangements by an expert is also a guarantee that the amount of ordered materials will exactly match the demand. Therefore, cooperation with a designer is an investment that will pay off quickly. 

Sixth: convenience
Instead of hundreds of e-mail addresses to stores, companies or professionals, there is one – to the designer. He watches over the logistics of orders, knows how much time takes to wait for individual elements of interior furnishings, and therefore can effectively plan the order process. It is the interior architect who makes phone calls, sends emails, and holds meetings. Thanks to this, we minimize the need for personal supervision of the organizational side of the project and coordination of its effective, accurate and careful rendition into implementation. The time saved thanks to this we can spend on what we like the most 🙂 

Seventh: peace
All the points listed here have one common denominator, which is the reduction of stress associated with the finishing of an apartment or house. Therefore, it is definitely worth thinking about cooperation with an interior designer. After all, an efficiently organized process of designing and finishing a house or apartment, which at the same time will avoid unnecessary stress, will allow us not only to get the interior perfectly tailored to our needs and taste, but will also leave only good memories associated with its arrangement 🙂

The L&L team provides a full range of services in the matter of design, visualization, selection of finishing materials and interior furnishings, as well as architect support at every stage of the project. We`ll be delighted to support you on all of these fields!

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