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Leach & Lang presented the Krakow real estate market in the Finnish TV!

Leach & Lang presented the Krakow real estate market in the Finnish TV!

Leach & Lang is pleased to present the latest production of the Finnish TV5 channel, which has gained a great popularity:  a TV show "Myyntimies Jethro". Jethro Rostedt, the Finnish real estate agent and the host of the show , explores the world in search of the most beautiful, the most impressive or the oddiest apartments. Jethro sightsees Cracow and looks for the unique apartments with Daria Bielicka – the agent of Leach & Lang, delegated for special tasks.

In the latest episode, Daria guides Jethro around the Cracow apartments, showing what is hidden behind the walls of new buildings in the city center or the old tenement houses in the vicinity of the Kosciuszko Mound in Krakow. Does Jethro arrive at the meeting? What a snack does Jethro like and the most important question – is  Jethro convinced to our proposals?

The answers to these and the other questions can be found in "Myyntimies Jethro matkoilla" – the third part of Jethro’s adventures, which you can see below.  We hope you enjoy!



Thursday, 24 March, 2016