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Kraków Business Run - success the fith time in a row!

Kraków Business Run - success the fith time in a row!

Last Sunday, on second of September, our two brave teams - Leach & FUN and Leach & dRUNk entered a race of Krakow Business Run!
As usual, we were missing time for preparation and training, but decided to do our best again! During the race, we were fighting to the last drop of sweat as well as during the charity collection for "Helping More" campaign, we were struggling to the last "click" and succeeded - the fifth time in a row! We won the charity collection "Helping More"!
We managed to collect the total amount of PLN 13.689 (for 1st and 2nd place), which will be transferred entirely to the beneficiaries of the Poland Business Run Foundation!

We are very happy about this and thank you very much for the donation to our teams.

See you in a year!







Tuesday, 04 September, 2018