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powiat krakowski, gm. Zabierzów, Więckowice ul. Sportowa

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Property number7051
Property type Plot for sale
Size 585 000 m²
Price 1 PLN
Price per m² PLN
Modify date19-05-2022
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Leach & Lang (S6)

Contact phone: 12 430 04 04


License number: 5925

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Leach & Lang Property Consultants present a plot of land for sale, located in Więckowice, Zabierzów, area of Sportowa and Kowalska streets.

The proposed real estate consists of undeveloped plots with a total area of 58.4404 ha, located at the southern border of the Więckowice village, right next to the northern border of Zabierzów:
- 207/15, area of 29.23 ha
- 207/16, area of 0.3004 ha
- 207/17, area of 28.91 ha.

There is a lease agreement concluded for the subject land currently.

The property is located in the area covered by the Master Plan as Agricultural Land, moreover, the planned construction of the Zabierzów bypass road will run through the land.

We invite you to submit purchase offers taking into account:
a) a proposed transaction plan,
b) a price proposal.

The Seller reserves the right to choose the best offer at its own discretion.

According to the Civil Code, this offer is not an offer for trade.

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