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Fit-out service

Home Staging

home staging

 Home staging is the act of preparing a private residence for sale or rent. The most significant feature of home staging is a  relatively low cost of introducing the changes in the apartment in relation to the achieved effect and consequently to the earned profit. It is important to realize that when the property remains not rented or unsold the owner makes a loss. He/she loses the profit and additionally needs to cover the costs of service charges, taxes and other payments for the unoccupied apartment. That is why it is vital to make every effort to find the tenant or buyer as soon as possible.

Home staging will help to achieve the goal by using various techniques to bring the potential of the apartment out and make it appealing to the highest number of  buyers or tenants.

There are certain elements that influence our perception of the property:

-          The set-up of rooms

-          Colors

-          Lighting

-          Decorations

Leach & Lang experts will help to highlight the best features of  the property and  minimalize or eliminate the defects to make the best first impression. Because we are aware that our clients’ properties are different as well as they expectations and budgets, we have prepared several different propositions:

Stylized photo shoot-  for the purpose of the shoot our experts will decorate the apartment with cushions, candles, flowers, fabrics etc. to make the property look more appealing, cozy and attractive. After that professional photos will be taken and then presented as a part of the offer placed in the Internet.

home staging


For clients who choose our residential management service we offer the stylized photo shoot for free.


Home staging offer

home staging 

Leach & Lang experts will carry out the analisys of the property, prepare the plan of necessary changes and then implement them.

Some interiors require just a change of the set-up with the usage of the existing furniture and purchased decorations. Other apartments may need to be refreshed by having the walls painted and some unnecessary elements removed or reorganized. Sometimes it may be necessary to carry out some repairs.

Taking into consideration the condition of the apartment and the owner’s budget we will determine the scope of works that shall be done in the property. We have prepared two propositions:

home staging

Essential Redesign

This offer is aimed at those apartments which require only some reorganization of the interior, purchasing some decorations, furniture, equipment etc. In that case the procedure is as follows:

- Our experts visit the apartment and evaluate its condition, take pictures and notes

- Then we provide an initial list of necessary works and in consultation with the owner we  determine the expectations and budget.

- Afterwards, we prepare a report on the condition of the property, precise list of works that need to be done, concept of changes in the form of  a mood board together with a shopping list accompanied with the cost assessment.

- After the proposition is accepted by the owner, we  do the shopping, make the necessary changes and finally we  organize a photo shoot.


home staging

Superior Redesign:

This proposition is dedicated for those whose apartments require some repairs or renovation. Our construction crew will conduct all necessary works according to our guidelines. This proposition covers services included in the Essential Redesign offer, plus additionally the repair/renovation works.


Our experts will choose the best offer after having visited your property.


Please contact us to learn more details concerning our propositions, to obtain the price list or to make an appointment.