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07 November, 2016

What a Corporate Let is and why it gains popularity?

Corporate lets is the form of rent somewhere between a classical long-term lease and short time rent, dedicated for tourists – explains Tomasz Stochel, relationship manager in Leach & Lang Property Consultants.

Home Blog What a Corporate Let is and why it gains popularity?

The interest in corporate lets market in Krakow has long grown significantly and we may observe  the increased needs for rental apartments in this system .

What a corporate let is?

graphics-for-news/kolaz_CORPOLETs.jpgCorporate lets is the form of rent somewhere between a classical long-term lease and short time rent, dedicated for tourists . The idea is that the company rents the property from the landlord, administers it and lets it for short and longer terms for employees of different companies . The landlord therefore has only one tenant, who pays monthly fixed rates for rental.  The company, which is the tenant,  looks for reliable companies and corporations to have the apartment rented on a regular basis. The usual time of such a let is from several days to several months. The company also takes care of regular cleaning of the property, handover of keys as well as the timely payment of all charges.

It is a very convenient form of the lease, not only for the tenant but also for the company, which employs and relocates  its employees to Krakow. It is a profitable form of return on the investment for a property owner as well. Apart from the issue of the outturn, an apartment is under the constant care of the tenant, who runs full management of the apartment.  It is cleaned weekly,  its technical condition is monitored, minor defects are repaired and all charges are paid. The owner receives the payment directly on his bank account.

There are numerous advantages for Tenants as well, leasing the apartment from the company. The Tenant is given only one contract and one invoice, which includes all costs related to the use of the apartment, ranging from fees for owners of the premises, by administrative fees, utilities and even a package of internet-TV. The tenant does not have to worry about separate bills – one, a fixed amount regardless of media consumption will satisfy both fans of frequent baths, as well as fans of cooking and baking.  Corporate Lets mean the complex care of the company, that manages the entire portfolio of properties- if for some reason an apartment does not comply with the requirements of the tenant, there is a chance that it might be exchanged for another, without no additional fees. Corporate Let is the perfect alternative for stays in hotels,  not only more expensive but devoid of the feeling of privacy.

Corporate lets provide services similar to first-rate hotels in terms of cleaning, changing sheets and towels, however, have an advantage in several aspects. The important issue is the fact that the apartments have fully equipped kitchens. In addition – they provide the comfort of a private apartment, without the necessity of going through the hotel reception. They allow you to visit guests easily. They retain the intimacy of living in a private apartment. In addition – our apartments are always located in vicinity of restaurants and cafes, to make going for lunch or dinner as simple as possible. The growing number of international companies in Krakow is the reason of the increasing demand for this type of leases – corporate let.

To meet the needs of their customers – from over a year, Leach & Lang have been providing these type of  services and have been successfully supporting the increasing number of corporate clients from all over the world.

The properties rented and managed by Leach & Lang are located in the new and prestigious developments and their high standard satisfies even the most demanding customers.

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