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27 June, 2014

Nice guests from Romania

Leach & Lang had a pleasure to host two nice ladies from White Mountain- real estate agency from Romania.

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Leach & Lang had a pleasure to host two nice ladies from White Mountain- real estate agency from Romania. Anne and Andra came to Krakow to learn how Polish real estate maret works. Since Leach &  Lang and White Mountain offer similar range of services ( selling and renting properties, investment advisory, property management) the visit was a great opportunity to compare the way the two companies operate. We did our best to make the girls’ visit interesting and full of new experiences.

On the first day Andra and Anne went to meet “Sławkowska team”. Kasia, Dobromir and Monika- the property experts answered many questions regarding their job. Then Monika  took them to  Osiedle Nad Stawem. They were impressed by the success of this project, as it was completely sold out in one year and a half. 

graphics-for-news/White mountain/day 1 (2) ONS.jpg

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Later, Dobromir took the ladies to Angel Plaza to show some apartments Leach & Lang offers both for sale and for rent. He also answered girls’ questions regarding advertising, finding clients, discussing with clients, a broker’s effectiveness etc.

The next morning Andra and Anne visited the sales office at Browar Lubicz. They met two Darias, Arek and Konrad. At first Arek who is in charge of property fitting, showed them a few apartments, so that they could see how Leach & Lang does this part of the job. They saw completely finished apartments, soon to be finished apartments and some where the works had just started. They asked Arek all the details regarding how he manages the fitting process and what is Leach & Lang’s strategy, offer and prices.

Later, Daria showed them around Browar Lubicz and told them how the sales office operates.

graphics-for-news/White mountain/day 2 Browar.jpg

After that the girls were taken for a walk by Konrad and Ania to to a new small development Ptasia 14 which is under construction. The girles loved the location of the building: very close to the city centre, yet away from the regular traffic, in an area surrounded by nice houses, greenery and fresh air.

On the third day it wad time to visit L&L property management office in Garncarska street. Kasia, the manager explained them the way we work, how we differ from other property management companies, what strategies do we have and how we organise everything from behind the curtain. 

The next day the girls were taken to Bochnia and Katowice to see Wzgórze Jana and Dębowe Tarasy which we are selling. 

graphics-for-news/White mountain/day 4 (5) Wzgórze jana.jpg

graphics-for-news/White mountain/day 4 (1) katowice.jpg

On the last day Kasia from Sławkowska took the girls to Rezydencja Twardowskiego, to show them a few apartments, penthouses and the ‘show-flat’. They were delighted with the development! 

graphics-for-news/White mountain/day 5 (3) RT.jpg

Later, in the afternoon we all met in our office in Garncarska to listen to the ladies’ summery of their visit to Krakow, and enjoy their presentation of Brasov- their home town. Andra and Anne left the following day. Next time we will meet in Romania!

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