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25 April, 2016

Leach & Lang experts advice: How to start with renovation?

Leach & Lang expert, Arkadiusz Stypuła, answering the most popular questions about the house or apartment renovation.

Home Blog Leach & Lang experts advice: How to start with renovation?

Leach & Lang expert answering the most popular questions about the house or apartment renovation. 

With the arrival of Spring, as every year, many of us plan the premeditated and wanted renovation. However, it is widely known that a plan is one thing and its implementation is a different kettle of fish. How to start a renovation? Do we have all the necessary tools? Perhaps we should think about hiring a professional renovation company. Where do we have to look for such a company and how can we estimate their professionalism? How to prevent unnecessary costs? These questions might be multiplied indefinitely.

graphics-for-news/blog/iStock_000077591515_small.jpgBut please remain calm! As a client, you don’t fight a losing battle. We are not at the mercy of professionals. At the beginning some useful tips:

-If you possess satisfying abilities and all necessary tools, the decision is quite simple – you should think about doing the renovation on your own.

However, if we have only good intentions, it is much better to hire professionals. Learning from our mistakes might cost us much more than delegating this work. Not only we lose time and much more material than necessary but additionally, we lose money and our patience.

– Searching for a professional company, remember that the price cannot be the basic condition of our selection. Unfortunately, low price often goes hand in hand with low quality of work.  It will also  result in amendments and changes which finally leads to much higher costs than expected. Be careful as well with a business friend company –  the cost might be lower only to the reasonable limits.

– Remember to always write down a contract with a company that will carry out a renovation. Let’s see whether the company exists and is registered. It is impossible to enforce any guarantee/ warranty from people who provide their services illegally. If it is a legitimate company and an agreement has been signed, it might protect us against many unexpected issues and problems.

At the very beginning we need to fix the entire scope of work and all planned costs. It will help us to avoid unnecessary and unpleasant surprises such as a sudden repair which exceeds our budget. The most valid is to prepare an interior design properly, to make clear for everyone involved what to expect without misunderstandings. Even a sudden change might be recalculated quickly. This key element really does not take us much time.

– Transparent and safe payment schedule is the next item we need to take into our account. Between 10% to 20% of the amount should be always agreed to be paid only after a finite work. If a professional does not agree to this condition and wants everything to be paid immediately due to the necessity of purchasing materials or additional costs, it is no use to plan further renovation with such

These basic tips that should be applied to make our renovation project goes smoothly. If we are lucky, it won’t remain in our memory as one of the worst moments in our lives. Implementation of these simple hints is not as time consuming as we could have thought and thanks to them we will be much more relaxed and probably we will save some money as well.

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