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13 September, 2021

19. What is the difference between a lease agency service and a lease management service?

19. What is the difference between a lease agency service and a lease management service?

Home Blog 19. What is the difference between a lease agency service and a lease management service?

The difference between a lease agency service and a lease management service is a complex issue, because both services are quite similar, but only until the agent finds a tenant.

A moment after signing the lease contract and handing over the apartment to the tenant is the point where the role of an intermediary agent ends and the work of property managers begins. It is worth to emphasize that after finding a potential tenant, a lease agreement may not be signed; it may happen when a potential client has specific requirements that determine the conclusion of a lease, and the owner is not ready to agree for them. However, in case when the owner of the apartment accepts the additional requirements submitted by the Lessee, including, for example, retrofitting the apartment or arranging wall painting; then, based on the concluded management contract, Leach & Lang managers organize the adaptation of the apartment in accordance with the arrangements accepted by both parties of the lease agreement.

Thanks to concluded management contract, the owner of the apartment does not have to be on site and does not have to deal with the organizational and technical issues related to the premises on his own, because at Leach & Lang we arrange all these issues in frame of our management services. Minor additional services are included in the basic care of the apartment; and those that require more commitment are possible to arrange as additional service.

As part of the management service, on behalf of the owner, we maintain contacts with the building administration (e.g. regarding obligatory inspections, adopting resolutions by the residents community), monitor payments from tenants, and organize inspections of the technical condition of the apartment. The management office, at the request of clients, can also take care of additional tasks, such as: preparation of tax settlements and arranging insurance policies of the property.

The owner of the apartment who is using only the agency service (without management services), after signing the lease contract, must be aware of the fact that the tenant will contact him during the term of the contract, in every matter related to the proper functioning of the equipment and installation in the apartment; such as, for example, replacement of the gasket or battery, leakage of the installation, jammed lock, malfunctions of household appliances, short circuit of the electrical system. All the above activities, included in the scope of lease management service, will then require from the landlord commitment of his time, availability and often physical presence with at the tenant`s.

Implementing the management service guarantees the owner that the above described matters related to the care of the proper technical condition of the apartment will be dealt with on an ongoing basis, by a qualified team of experienced people with specialist knowledge, and with the participation of a network of proven professionals cooperating with them. Leach & Lang also employs a maintenance technician who carries out ongoing repairs at the request of property managers and the client.

The Management Department at Leach & Lang is proud to have many years of experience and provides its services from the very beginning of the company’s establishment; currently servicing a total of over 1,000 apartments in Krakow and other larger cities in Poland; we are also one of the first companies to offer specialized rental management services in Poland. Throughout all the years of our activity, we have developed proven and effective operating procedures at Leach & Lang, thanks to which we can provide our clients with the highest level of rental management services. For many years, foreigners have been an invariably significant part of the group of clients serviced by Leach & Lang.

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