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22 September, 2021

14. Documents required to sell the apartment.

14. Documents required to sell the apartment.

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When making an appointment for sell and purchase agreement, it would require minimum of approx. 1 week to arrange the documents needed to close the transaction. In case of mortgage-laden flats or co-operative owned flats (co-operative ownership right of a flat), this period may be even longer.

For the contract regarding transfer of ownership of the apartment, it`s required to deliver:

– deed of purchase/ document confirming the ownership/ land and mortgage register number of the flat;

– a certificate proving either the number of people or no one being checked in the apartment – which is issued in the appropriate office. Applying for the certificates may be done in person or by a proxy holding a power of attorney (original available for inspection, copy attached to the application). The application may also be submitted in writing and send by mail or in the form of an electronic document send via an electronic inbox on the e-PUAP platform (public platform for electronic communication),

– certificate of no tax arrears – is issued in the appropriate office. Application for the certificate may be made in person or by proxy, it may also be submitted in the forms described above,

– certificate of no arrears in administrative fees – issued at the building / investment administrator,

– certificate of the current debt status – this document is required in case when the property is mortgaged and the seller decides not to repay the loan before the sale agreement. It is issued by the bank where the mortgage for the apartment was taken out. It should include:

• amount of the outstanding debt, including interest, additional fees and commissions, eg in the event of early loan repayment.

• account number for payment of receivables,

• bank declaration in which it agrees to remove the mortgage as soon as the entire liability is settled.

In some cases, when there are inaccuracies, e.g. in the land and mortgage register, additional documents may be required to settle the legal status of the real estate. These can be, for example, birth and marriage certificates or excerpts from the land register.

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