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„The plot thickens”


The new article about land market in Warsaw and Prague has been published in the September edition of the magazine Eurobuild CEE.

According to the article, sales of Apartments in Poland is being very well last time and that caused that developers are planning the extension of their land resources.  For over a year we have been observing an increased interest in land market. The buyers are not only the biggest companies but also local developers with strong positions on their markets – explains Piotr Byrski of Leach & Lang Property Consultants.

On the Prague residential market the demand  is clearly outstripping the supply for quality locations at the moment.  Developers in the city are more active in the wider centre and on the outskirts, where most of the land is currently being bought. One important factor driving this is the continuing expansion of the city.

Both, in Warsaw and in Prague, not only local developers invest their money. Nowadays the most active foreign developers on our largest market, Warsaw, are Belgian, French and Israeli firms. It is office and residential development at the moment that is currently driving the demand for land. The prices of land designated for new projects have been growing. It is difficult to find a good plot and it is even harder to buy one at a good price.

source: http://english.eurobuildcee.com/?page=edition&id=1281&id_article=2672#page_top

Friday, 12 September, 2014