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Rezydencja Twardowskiego, a new housing investment close to the city center and and park.

Rezydencja Twardowskiego, a new housing investment close to the city center and and park.

ROC Rezydencja Twardowskiego Sp. Zoo , a subsidiary of ROC Developments, a developer company with Irish capital begins the construction of its first housing investment in Cracow. An intimate apartment house with only 24 apartments ( 38-114 sq. meters) will be built in Pietrusińskiego street, next to   Skałki Twardowskiego Park which is inhabited by various animals and plants, e.g.: Chequered Blue Butterfly, a legally protected species. Along with the apartments there will be 18 parking spaces and storages prepared for the residents.

Prices from 6800 PLN gross/sq. meter . The investor offers an attractive payment schedule: 10/90 ( 90% of the total price is paid after the construction is finished).

The main advantages of this investment are the proximity of both the city center ( only 1,50 km from the Main Market Square) and the green areas of Skałki Twardowskiego and the usage of the best quality building materials.

Rezydencja Twardowskiego ( Twardowski’s Residence) is being built by Stolmar from Tęgoborze. The investment is financed by BRE Bank. The sales office is run by Leach and Lang Property Consultants, with its registered office in Krakow at 6  Sławkowska Street.

 “ It is our first investment in Cracow, and we have been preparing ourselves for this project by completing  constructions in other cities in Poland: in Rybnik, Namysłów and Kluczbork” says Michael Herlihy, the president of ROC Developments. “ We are aware that there is strong competition on the property market in Cracow . However, we know that Rezydencja Twardowskiego is a great investment offering the highest quality for reasonable price, and this will enable us to fill in the niche” . ROC Developments is an experienced investor, present in South-Eastern Europe since 2005, when they finished  Zlicinsky Dvur , a housing estate in Prague, Czech Republic.

The apartments in Rezydencja Twardowskiego will be finished in a core state, however, for the resident’s comfort Leach and Lang offers finishing the apartments according to the client’s needs and wish. Tom Leach, from L&L says that nowadays every third buyer decides to assign them the task of finishing the apartment  to avoid the various  problems involved in doing it individually.


Thursday, 26 July, 2012