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Real estate market report 2013


Domy.pl together with Open Finance have recently analysed Polish real estate market. The results show that property prices on the secondary market have fallen in Summer in three cities: Warsaw (-1,5%), Sopot (-1,7) and Łódź (-1,4%). On the other hand launching some more exclusive offers on the market in Krakow, Rzeszów and Szczecin led to slight growth of the property prices on the secondary market. However, the rise in prices does not exceed 0.2%.

Taking into consideration the past 12 months, the greatest drops in prices have been observed in: Wrocław (-6,8%), Gdańsk (-6,3%) and Łódź (-5,4%). Now the average prices in the biggest Polish cities are as follows: Warsaw - 8125 PLN/m2, Krakow - 6826 PLN/m2, Wrocław - 5691 PLN/m2, Gdańsk - 5584 PLN/m2, Poznań -5380 PLN/m2, Rzeszów - 4787 PLN/m2, Szczecin - 4187 PLN/m2, Katowice - 3834 PLN/m2.

Wednesday, 04 September, 2013