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Leach & Lang introduces new home staging services

Leach & Lang introduces new home staging services

We are happy to inform that Leach & Lang has introduced home staging services.

What is home staging? In simplest terms, it is the act of preparing the property for sale or lease. Leach & Lang experts will examine your property with a critical eye and decide what needs to be done  to make the apartment appealing to the highest number of potential buyers or tenants. What is important, the most significant feature of home staging is a  relatively low cost of introducing the changes in the apartment in relation to the achieved effect and consequently to the earned profit. So do not worry. We will not suggest doing extensive renovation lasting a few months. Most probably changing decorations, tiding up the space and changing furniture arrangement will be enough. Sometimes it may be necessary to paint the walls or do some minor repairs. We will advise , prepare a plan and finally introduce the changes. The final stage of the metamorphosis will be a professional photo shoot. To learn more about the details of our offer please click here.

You can see the effects of our last photo shoot here (before & after):




In a different apartment we have carried out  a metamorphosis within our Essential Redesign offer. Having agreed the budget with the owner of the apartment in the amount of 1000 PLN, we have purchased decorations, fabrics and pictures. We had suggested implementing dark blue elements, which have brought live and positive energy to the apartment. The effect was so good that the apartment was rented immediately. We even did not have time for a proper photo shoot. Below you can see the effects of our work (before & after):




Friday, 05 May, 2017