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Krakow Business Run! Leach & Lang win again!

Krakow Business Run! Leach & Lang win again!

The Krakow Business Run, an annual festival of running and fundraising took place in Krakow last Sunday.

A record 27,000 runners participated in this year’s event raising a record 2.3 million zloty for the Poland Business Run foundation helping people with physical disabilities.

Leach & Lang Property Consultants fielded 2 teams for the 6th time this year: ‘LEACH & RUN!’ and ‘LEACH & dRUNk’! They finished the race almost at the same time recording impressive times of 1h29m48s and 1h30m35s respectively.

What really matters is not the running result per se, but the amount of money raised in the so-called ‘I help more’ charitable fundraising campaign. This year the ‘Leach & RUN!’ team broke the record after a really close fight with Pega Runners team finally overcoming them by raising a whopping total of 22,747 zloty. Pega Runners eventually finished second with 17,539 zloty and were followed in third position by our team ‘Leach & dRUNk!’ with an admirable  6,721 zloty. In total, Leach & Lang managed to raise almost 30,000 zloty! Huge thanks to all those who supported both teams!







Friday, 13 September, 2019